Ayers denied entry -- or told not to bother?

UDPDATE3: It looks like things are a little more complicated. Apparently Ayers wasn’t actually denied a visa; instead, it appears that his lawyer, who has been trying to get him into the country since he was refused entry at Toronto in January, told Ayers not to bother even trying. Will try to figure out what that means soon.

CONFIRMED: Joanne Laucius has the story

So here’s a question: Why did Ayers apply for a visa? That’s one of the big unanswered questions at this point.


Well at least they are consistent: William Ayers, due to give a talk next Monday at the Congress of the Humanities in Ottawa, has been apparently denied entry to Canada. More to come — no comment till I confirm it. If you have details drop me a line at

jandrewpotter at

UPDATE: Here’s the link to his scheduled talk.

UPDATE 2: Here is Don Butler’s interview with Ayers when Galloway was refused entry.

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