Bad Piggies vs. Angry Birds

Those Angry Birds may be on their way toward extinction.

After releasing three Angry Birds games in 2011, driving Rovio Entertainment‘s total revenue over $100 million for the year according to their financial results, the mega-popular mobile puzzle game could be in need of a makeover.

“There’s a fatigue setting in for Angry Birds,” Scott Steinberg, CEO and lead analyst at TechSavvy told Newsweek. “Fans are clamoring for something new.”

And so the Finnish game developer is replacing the slingshot kamikaze fowls with pigs. Bad Piggies, a spinoff series, is set to launch Sept. 27. The once-enemy pigs now take the lead role to exact their revenge.

“We see Bad Piggies as a long-term brand-building exercise,” Petri Jarvilehto, head of gaming at Rovio, told Reuters. ” In three years from now we want to see Angry Birds and Bad Piggies as strong vibrant brands out there.”