‘Barefoot Bandit’ busted

19-year-old fugitive finally nabbed in the Bahamas

A teenager dubbed the “Barefoot Bandit” who evaded capture for two years has finally been caught in the Bahamas. Since 2008, police have not been able to capture Colton Harris-Moore as he stole cars, powerboats and at least five airplanes after escaping from a Washington state halfway house. He has also been accused of breaking into dozens of homes on his journey that has taken him from Washington, to British Columbia and Idaho. Witnesses on Eleuthera, an island in the Bahamas, spotted Harris-Moore, and called police. He was then captured him in a high-speed boat race, and flown to Nassau, where he was seen shoeless as he walked off the plane. Despite the destruction he has caused, his fan base grew, including some 60,000 Facebook fans who even advertised T-shirts and tote bags with the words ”Free Colton!” and ”Let Colton Fly!”

New York Times