Ben Mulroney names first born after father -

Ben Mulroney names first born after father

Brian and John Mulroney born Thursday morning


Jessica Brownstein, the wife of Ben Mulroney, gave birth to twins on Thursday morning. Brian Mulroney was born at 8:09 and his twin brother, John, a minute later. Brian is named after his grandfather, former Conservative PM Brian Mulroney, and John is named after John, the “mystery” Mulroney, a brother of Brian Mulroney who passed away hours after he was born. Ben’s sons are the first Mulroney children to be born since 1985, when Nicholas, the youngest of the Mulroney siblings was born. With the newest Mulroney additions, the former PM and his wife, Mila, have six grandchildren. Caroline, Brian Mulroney’s eldest daughter, and her husband have four children together.

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