Bettman 'thoroughly disappointed' with union's proposals

TORONTO - NHL commissioner Gary Bettman says he's "thoroughly disappointed" with the union's response to the league's latest collective agreement proposal.

TORONTO – NHL commissioner Gary Bettman says he’s “thoroughly disappointed” with the union’s response to the league’s latest collective agreement proposal.

Bettman says the NHL Players’ Association tabled three counter-proposals today.

The league’s offer — which calls for a full 82-game season —would see revenues split 50-50 between owners and players.

Bettman says the 50-50 proposal was the “best that we could do,” but said the two sides are still far apart.

“None of the three variations of player share that they gave us even began to approach 50-50, either at all or for some long period of time,” Bettman said.

“It’s clear we’re not speaking the same language.”

He says he is still hopeful the league can have a full season, but time is running out to make that happen.

“I am concerned based on the proposal that was made today that things are not progressing,” he said. “To the contrary, I view the proposal made by the Players’ Association in many ways a step backward.”

Bettman says no new talks are immediately scheduled.

The players have been locked out since Sept. 15.