Between the Pundits: Highest civilian honour by faint praise

No doubt taking a cue from yesterday’s Megapundit, and maybe from that Rex Murphy guy too, The Globe and Mail‘s editorial board today plumps for Don Cherry’s Order of Canada—despite his “excesses,” which they refuse to “sugarcoat.” (Seriously, Canada, don’t ask them to sugarcoat Don Cherry’s excesses. It ain’t gonna happen!)

Anyway, if I was in Grapes’ shoes, I’m not sure quite what I’d make of this: “He has done as much for our game as Randy Bachman, named to the order this year, has done for music.” As much, eh? Is my contribution to hockey being compared to Bachman’s contribution to the whole of the world’s musical heritage, I’d wonder, or just to Can-rock? Absent some sort of clarification, I might be tempted to do something… excessive.