Beware of "Predator X"

Prehistoric arctic sea monster had four times the bite of a T-Rex

With teeth that measured over a foot long, “Predator X,” a fossilized Arctic sea monster, had one of the largest bite forces ever calculated, scientists say. The Jurassic-era reptile, which was 50 feet long ­ its skull alone measured over 10 feet ­ could produce an incredible 33,000 lbs per square inch of bite force, according to the Natural History Museum of Oslo University. “It’s much more powerful than T-Rex,” says Joern Hurum, who led the 2008 excavation that uncovered the dinosaur. Over 147 million years old, the fossilized remains of Predator X suggest its bite was over 10 times more powerful than any modern animal, and four times the bite of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, a land carnivore, Reuters reports.


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