Big Bird (on a horse with a bayonet) with Mitt Romney at the Halloween parade

Tweeps tweet Oct. 31 fashion

Big Bird (on a horse with a bayonet) with Mitt Romney at the Halloween parade

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Remember Halloween ’12? When everyone you hate showed up as Big Bird on horseback with a binder full of bayonets? #debatesBill Weir
Who’s going as Big Bird on a horse with a bayonet for Halloween? Just be careful, kids.refinery29
President Obama hugs a women dressed as Big Bird today. This happened. via Reuters Kaczynski
Let’s begin with bonus marks for the couples’ costumes: Big Bird AND Mitt Romney: 
Mitt and Big Bird @hoffnasty88 Gaffney
Romney & Big Bird @kingsbackbay #kingshalloween Burke-Samson
Don’t kill big bird #RomneyRyan2012 Cox
Mitt Romney and Big Bird @EvanBroderick
Happy Halloween from Mitt and big bird! McDade
@JoyVBehar Thought you would like the best costume ever, Mitt Romney and Big Bird. Much love from Canada. Twilt
#Halloweave Mitt Romney and Big Bird! Miller
Mitt Romney’s gaffes for #Halloween – a binder of women and big bird. #poliscinerds @BWalkerLane Runkle
Hahahah my parents Halloween costumes mitt Romney and big bird
And a sampling of others who tweeted their bird costumes: 
Out of work Big Bird. Ratliff
Liberal Halloween party in SC: Big Bird in Gitmo.
Photo: Big Bird’s havin’ a bad go of it since PBS got defunded. Tracey
RT @pammy_1230: Always wanted to be a big bird! #bigbird @Laurz3 happy Halloween! Xx
Big bird
Tonight I dress as big bird. Otto is Elmo. Come visit me Smith
Big bird it is lol classic.:-P #halloweenparty
Homemade Big Bird skirt… Feathers everywhere, but not too shabby #halloween #costumes
At Halloween parade: Big Bird gets political. Zirin
Big Bird tweet #getit….tweet Happy Halloween Slam USA
Thanks Mitt! Big Bird Halloween costumes are totally sold out