Bob Rae surpasses Nycole Turmel for second place in Nanos leadership poll

PM Harper remains well ahead for trust, competence and vision

Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae has surpassed the NDP’s Nycole Turmel in voters’ perceptions of trustworthiness, competence and vision, according to a new Nanos poll. At the same time, the poll shows Prime Minister Stephen Harper remains well ahead of his opponents in all three categories. For most trustworthy, 30.4 per cent of respondents chose Harper, 16.3 per cent chose Rae and just over 11 per cent went with Turmel. Even more strikingly, 37 per cent selected Harper as the most competent party leader, while 18.3 per cent chose Rae and 6.8 per cent chose Turmel. “Nycole Turmel hasn’t really caught the imagination of voters,” said Nic Nanos, speaking about the numbers with The Globe and Mail. Still, overall support levels remain consistent at around 30 per cent for the NDP, compared with 37.7 per cent for the Conservatives and 23.4 for the Liberals.

The Globe and Mail

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