Bomb on board?

Another Air France flight was delayed by a bomb threat days before crash

Four days before Flight 447 mysteriously crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, another Air France jet bound for Paris was grounded for 90 minutes while authorities investigated a bomb threat. Officials are now examining a potential link between the May 27th flight from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the May 31st flight from Rio de Janeiro that vanished from the sky with 228 people on board. Meanwhile, an Air France pilot speaking on the condition of anonymity says it was “highly likely” that the Airbus A330 was blown out of the sky by a bomb. No terrorist group has come forward to claim responsibility, but the French government—baffled by the sudden disappearance of a modern airliner built to withstand severe turbulence and repeated lightning strikes—has not dismissed terrorism as a possible cause. “Investigations are in process to see if the Argentina bomb threat was linked to what happened with the Brazil flight,” says an Air France source. “Terrorism cannot be ruled out as we search for the reason for this tragedy.”

The Daily Mail

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