Borders donates leftover books to charity

Book reatiler won’t destroy all its unsold merchandise

Online activists have protested over the last month about what American bookselling giant Borders planned to do with all the unsold books left over when it finishes closing its 200-store Waldenbooks chain—trash them. Even Borders employees spoke up. Attempting to shame their corporate masters, they formed—in the contemporary way— a Facebook group to support the donation of the books to local libraries and nonprofit organizations instead. The chorus grew loud enough that Borders made some concessions by announcing a new partnership with Gifts In Kind International, announcing “We’ve partnered with leading charitable organization Gifts In Kind International to help donate items that have not sold in Borders and Waldenbooks stores nationwide and cannot be returned to our suppliers—including more than 50,000 individual items.” The news didn’t quiet the critics, who say Borders is only planning to donate “non-returnable” goods, a category that doesn’t include most unsold mass-market books. Thus, a hefty number of books will still be discarded daily.

Huffington Post