Brett Sutter, pleads guilty to ‘disorderly conduct-fighting’ -

Brett Sutter, pleads guilty to ‘disorderly conduct-fighting’

Former Flames forward punched cab driver outside Arizona sports bar


Former Calgary Flames forward Brett Sutter pleaded guilty to charges of ‘disorderly-conduct fighting’ in Scottsdale City Court on Monday after sucker-punching a 38-year-old cab driver outside a sports bar in the Arizona suburb on November 11. The Scottsdale Police Department report says bar employees forced Sutter, 24, to leave the premises—where the Flames’ annual rookie dinner was taking place—just before 2 a.m. when he punched the cabbie unprovoked. Sutter was arrested and spent the night in jail, though he apologized for his actions several times, in slurred speech. The cab driver suffered a bloody lip, for which Sutter will pay a $323.60 fine. The rookie forward was traded to the Carolina Hurricanes shortly after the incident. He will appear in Scottsdale court again for a restitution hearing on September 15.

The Calgary Herald

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