Bring on the dancing Elections Canada officials!

Those among you who have been quietly (and not so quietly) concerned that ITQ might suffer serious withdrawal pangs during the summer recess can stop worrying — it turns out that I won’t have to go cold turkey after all.

As promised by Ethics committee chair Paul Szabo, the much anticipated investigation into the Conservative in and out election financing scandal will finally – finally – get underway next month. For those keeping track, that’s nearly a full year after the opposition first introduced a motion to bring the matter before the Procedure and House Affairs Committee, may it rest in peace (and eventually, come back from the grave to wreak brutal parliamentary vengeance). On July 15th and 16th, the committee will hear from Elections Canada officials, including Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand.

That’s the plan, at least — it all depends on whether the Conservative members are ready to surrender to the tyrannical majority, or already hard at work, plotting new and even more fiendishly clever ways to stonewall the opposition. Whatever happens, ITQ will be there.