British writer finds there may be more money in reading

For $100 an hour Damian Barr will read you a bedtime story

Damian Barr will read to you in your home. For about $100 an hour he offers “a story of your choice. I don’t do accents – even and especially not for Proust. A small charge may be made for Dick Francis. All requests considered (except Dan Brown). I won’t tuck you in—not even for Dracula. Couples welcome.” He’s even busier in the places where he first had the idea of a dedicated reader: London’s hotels. “At the Andaz guests ordered me like room service. I appeared at their door in my stripy Paul Smith pyjamas clutching their chosen book. Most readees were, perhaps surprisingly, women around 35 travelling alone. Sadly, not one had been read to since childhood, and maybe not even then. Even more tragically, not one so much as suggested any sort of extra. A few even fell asleep. London’s hit titles were Pride and Prejudice and Hollywood Wives.

The Times

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