Brushing teeth helps fight heart disease -

Brushing teeth helps fight heart disease

Failure to brush puts heart health at risk: study


According to a Scottish study of more than 11,000 adults, people who don’t brush their teeth twice a day are at higher risk for heart disease, backing up previous research linking gum disease and heart problems. More work is needed to confirm whether poor oral health causes heart disease, or is a marker of risk, the BBC reports, although it’s known that body inflammation, including mouth and gums, plays a role in the build-up of clogged arteries that leads to a heart attack. This is the first study to look at whether the frequency of brushing teeth plays a role in developing heart disease. In the study, participants were asked about smoking, physical activity and health routines, as well as how often they visited the dentist and how often they brushed their teeth. Family medical histories were also taken. Taking other factors into account, researchers found that those with the worst oral hygiene had a 70 per cent increased chance of developing the condition than those who brushed twice a day.

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