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Burlington cancer-faker pleads guilty to $5,000 fraud charge

Ashley Anne Kirilow admits to most serious charge


Ashley Anne Kirilow, the 23-year-old from Burlington who made headlines this summer for faking cancer and robbing donors of thousands of dollars, has pleaded guilty to the most serious fraud charge against her. Kirilow admitted to defrauding her former employer, the Sutton Realty Group in Burlington, of $5,000. The company raised the sum in a fundraising event when it believed Kirilow suffered from terminal cancer, after she had shaved her head and eyebrows, plucked her eyelashes and gone on a starving diet to make others believe she was undergoing chemotherapy. Kirilow was the focus of a number of other benefits throughout the GTA, and accepted a free trip to Disneyland from Skate4Cancer, a Toronto-based cancer organization. She stands accused of another six counts of fraud under $5,000, but did not plead guilty to those.

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