But will she have maple leaf-shaped cookies?

Queen to host Obama in London

Not even Her Majesty is immune to his charms: According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, Queen Elizabeth is ready to lower the drawbridge at Buckingham Palace to grant an audience to President Obama when he comes to London next month. It’s an unusual move for the monarch, since this isn’t an official state visit — the president will be meeting with G-20 leaders to discuss the global economic meltdown. But according to the report, the Queen is “keen” to meet with him, and plans to grant him an audience the day before the conference is scheduled to begin. Earlier this week, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown became the first foreign leader to meet with President Obama in Washington, DC; it’s not known whether or not he presented the new president with Union Jack-themed pastries, or whether Ottawa can comfort herself that at least the president seems to like our cookies best. 

The Times