Camping and polo all in a day's work for a duchess -

Camping and polo all in a day’s work for a duchess


With countless fashion blogs tracking her every outfit change, it can be hard to picture Duchess of Cambridge roughing it in the bush. But earlier this week, Kate headed into the English countryside, joining a group of inner-city kids on a camping trip organized by a program for underprivileged youth.

Wearing tight dark jeans and a pair of leather-lined Wellington boots, she spent several hours with a group of eight and nine year-olds, hiking around the woods and lighting a bonfire. They got the chance to ask Kate what her glamorous life as a princess is really like: “It’s very busy and great fun but I am very well looked after,” Kate told them. One little girl reported that Kate is “lovely and very, very pretty.”

She then left by helicopter to meet Prince William—and their new cocker spaniel puppy Lupo—at a charity polo match.

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