Can Gretzky save the Coyotes?

The Great One has spent the last several weeks looking for new investors

Managing partner and head coach Wayne Gretzky admits that the Phoenix Coyotes, who haven’t made the playoffs since 2002, have been “horrible.” If Gretzky hadn’t come aboard, the Coyotes, owned by the financially challenged trucking magnate Jerry Moyes, might have left five years ago, says Gretzky’s manager, Darren Blake. Indeed, Gretzky’s spent the past several weeks looking for new investors for Phoenix (which is expected to lose at least $30 million this season). Sure, attendance is up—over 16,000 attended Tuesday’s game—but half were cheering for the visitors. Back in Winnipeg, Jets fans, who lost their team to sunny Arizona in 1996, say I told you so.  

The New York Times