Canada and Denmark to share Hans Island? -

Canada and Denmark to share Hans Island?

37-year dispute over one-kilometre square rock may be coming to an end


For 37 years, Canada and Denmark have disputed a tiny, uninhabited island between Ellesmere Island and northern Greenland. Both countries’ militaries have planted flags and in 2005, Canada raised tensions with Denmark when Liberal then-Defence Minister Bill Graham visited the rock. However, sometime next year, that disagreement of ownership should be concluded, Danish Defence Minister Gitte Lillelund Bech has said. “Our staff are working closely and I hope we can have a solution in the next year. I don’t how we will end up but I have seen positive signs from the Canadians and we are also sending positive signs about a common solution,” said Bech, who met with Defence Minister Peter MacKay in Ottawa last week. “To some extent it is absurd to be collaborating in other areas and fighting over an island.”

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