Canada to send 1,000 extra troops to Haiti

Soldiers expected to help stabilize deteriorating security situation

At least one person was killed when police in Haiti fired on looters in Port-au-Prince. Looting and violence are quickly spreading through the streets of the Haitian capital, as Canada prepares to send an additional 1,000 to help with the relief effort. Defence Minister Peter MacKay made the announcement Sunday, telling reporters the soldiers are trained specifically to crowd control and how to respond to this type of deteriorating situation. Meanwhile, rescuers are still pulling surivors from the rubble caused by Tuesday’s earthquake, though aid efforts have been hampered by the deteriorating security situation. “A measure of law and order on the streets is absolutely vital,” said Sir Nicholas Young, the chief executive of the British Red Cross. “These are desperate people in desperate circumstances and the sooner we get a reliable pipeline of aid out to them the better.”

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