Canada to stay in Afghanistan in non-combat role -

Canada to stay in Afghanistan in non-combat role

Troops will train Afghans until 2014


On Remembrance Day, Canada’s military families have learned their sons and daughters may not be safe at home in 2011 as expected. Although Canada’s combat role in Afghanistan will end in 2011, Stephen Harper has confirmed Canadian soldiers will stay in the country until 2014 to train local soldiers. “I do this with some reluctance, but I think it is the best decision when one looks at the options,” Harper told reporters at a press conference before the opening of the G20 summit in Seoul, South Korea. “I don’t want to risk the gains that Canadian soldiers have fought for and they have sacrificed for in such significant numbers for by pulling out too early if we can avoid that.” He added that he believes there are “minimal risks” involved with this type of training mission. Both the U.S. and Britain have urged Canada to stay on in a combat role, but Harper has refused. “I’ve been very clear, that’s not an option Canada will consider,” the Prime Minister said.

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