Canada’s population surpasses 34 million

Population hit an estimated 34,019,000 on April 1, StatsCan reports

Canada’s population surpassed the 34 million mark in April, according to Statistics Canada. The agency estimates that the population was 34,019,000 on April 1, marking an increase of 88,100, or 0.26 per cent, from Jan. 1. The agency reported that all four western provinces had growth rates stronger than the national average. Statistics Canada reports more than two-thirds (71 per cent) of the first-quarter increase was due to net international migration, while 29 per cent was attributable to natural increase. Both factors increased at a slower pace than the previous year. The drop in Canada’s net international migration was a result of a substantial drop in the net number of non-permanent residents. Non-permanent residents include people from other countries who have a work or study permit, or who are refugee claimants. Non-permanent residents also include family members living with refugee claimants in Canada.