Canadian band councillors making up to $1 million -

Canadian band councillors making up to $1 million

Dozens of First Nations politicians earning more than PM


New figures made public by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation show that 82 band chiefs and councillors from across the country earn more than the prime minister, who makes $317,574 annually, and 704 take in more than $100,000 a year, with one earning close to $1 million. The announcement comes three days ahead of a scheduled vote on a private member’s bill outlining requirements for councillors and chiefs to report their earnings. The individual band chiefs and councillors aren’t identified in the report, which contains data released by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, though it does reveal the populations of the bands in question. The million-dollar councillor, for instance, is from a community of 304 people. “One million a year for one person, that’s obscene,” said Nova Scotia NDP MP Peter Stoffer. “And I think the people on that reserve, and other First Nations people across the country, would be quite upset with that.”

Halifax Chronicle-Herald

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