Canadian beef sales not impacted after XL Foods scare, restrictions lifted. But another case of illness uncovered.

OTTAWA – The fallout from a massive tainted beef recall is still being felt as the Harper government prepares to pass legislation aimed at making the food system safer.

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz says Canadian beef sales, domestic and international, have not declined in the wake of the XL Foods scare.

Ritz points out, however, that another case of someone becoming ill after eating meat from the troubled XL plant in Brooks, Alta., plant was uncovered only days ago.

But he says restrictions on XL beef from Brooks have been lifted by the United States and Taiwan.

Ritz held a news conference to trumpet the expected passage of Bill S-11, the Safe Food for Canadians Act.

The minister says the bill will, among other things, make it easier to track food shipped from processing plants so inspectors can more quickly deal with any problems.