Canadian journalist takes three bullets in Bangkok -

Canadian journalist takes three bullets in Bangkok

More bloodshed on Friday


A Canadian journalist in “very serious” condition after being shot three times at a riot in Bangkok. Nelson Rand was hit while covering a violent unrest for France 24 News on Friday morning. “Red Shirt” demonstrators have been gathering in the Thai capital for weeks, demanding the overthrow of Thailand’s allegedly corrupt government. The situation on Friday escalated after Red Shirts captured two military trucks and set fire to a police bus. Government forces tried to calm the situation: “We are the people’s army,” they broadcasted, over loudspeaker. “We are just doing our duty for the nation. Brothers and sisters, let’s talk together.” The message struck deaf ears. “We are being crushed… This is not a civil war yet, but it’s very, very cruel,” a Red Shirt leader insisted. The injured Canadian journalist will undergo surgery on Friday. Two Thai reporters were also injured.

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