Canadian political parties in a rut: pollster

Year-end survey shows 32% support for Tories, 26.5% for Liberals

An end-of-year poll shows the Tories with 32 per cent support, the Liberals with 26.5 per cent, and the NDP with 17.1 per cent. Meanwhile, the Greens are at 10.9 percent and the Bloc Québécois at 10.6 per cent. “This is a bad poll for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives,” said pollster Frank Graves. “It is a downright awful poll for Michael Ignatieff and it’s a pretty indifferent poll for Jack Layton’s NDP.” The EKOS poll further shows that women and under-40 voters are restlessly casting around for anyone but the Conservatives, and that there is no majority government in sight. “Canadian federal politics is clearly in a rut,” Graves said.

The Globe and Mail

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