Cardinal Marc Ouellet's mother relieved at son not becoming pope

LA MOTTE, Que. – One of Marc Ouellet’s brothers says their mother is extremely proud of the cardinal even though he did not become pope today.

Louis Ouellet says the entire family is looking forward to seeing Marc Ouellet when he visits his Quebec hometown of La Motte this summer.

Ouellet told a news conference in the town of about 450 residents their 90-year-old mother had mixed reactions when she found out her son wouldn’t be pope, that she smiled and said she was getting to keep her son.

Earlier, La Motte Mayor Rene Martineau said he was proud, disappointed and relieved after finding out their local son would not be the new pope.

Martineau is also looking forward to seeing the cardinal whenever he can visit La Motte.

That scenario would definitely have been a lot more complicated had Ouellet emerged victorious.