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CBC? Not for me!

Stephen Harper says he prefers American news broadcasts to Canadian ones


You might assume that Prime Minister Stephen Harper would be one of Canada’s most devoted news watchers. But you’d be wrong. Speaking in front of a Toronto business audience on Wednesday, Harper admitted that he prefers American news broadcasts to Canadian ones. “I tend to watch mainly American news,” the prime minister said, “because I don’t like to watch Canadian news and hear what Allan [Gregg, a pollster and CBC pundit who was in the audience] and everybody else is saying about me.” Unsurprisingly, NDP Leader Jack Layton was quick to contend that “Canadians ought to be concerned” that their leader “likes Fox News better than Canadian news.” Liberal MP Bob Rae also chimed in, calling the report “quite shocking,” because Harper has “an obligation to know what’s going on.” Industry Minister Tony Clement, on the other hand, thinks Harper may have been “exaggerating.” “We’re all news junkies, all of us are,” he said. “Come on. You know what we’re all about.”

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