Charles Manson wants Phil Spector's help

Legendary psycho asks newest prison mate to swing by his cell to chat about music

Now that record producer Phil Spector is in prison, he can make many new friends, including one he probably didn’t want: Charles Manson. Spector, sentenced to 19 years behind bars for killing actress Lana Clarkson, has been moved to the same prison where Manson will be spending the rest of his life. Manson, who wanted to be a rock star before he got into the murder business, was so thrilled at being in the same building with Spector that he sent the producer a note, saying that he wanted “the greatest producer who ever lived” to come over to his cell and talk about music. Spector’s wife, Rachelle, told the New York Post that Spector thought the note was “creepy” and didn’t reply. He later sighed to his publicist: “I used to pick up the phone and it was John Lennon of Celine Dion or Tina Turner, and now Charles Manson is trying to get a hold of me.”