Chin up, Canada! -

Chin up, Canada!

New York Times writer reminds Canadians they have a lot more than the Olympics going for them


We’re nearly a week into the Vancouver Games and, well, the reviews aren’t exactly glowing. Between the death of luger Nodar Kumaritashvli, the unusually-warm weather that’s caused snow shortages, and the fencing-in of the Olympic torch, the Games’ critics have had plenty of fodder. But the New York Times’s Timothy Egan says Canada should quit taking it all so personally. “Why the lack of self-esteem?,” Egan asks. “Canada — snap out of it! You’re gorgeous, baby, you’re sophisticated, you live well. No need for an apology.” Never mind the awesome beauty of the B.C. landscape, the rest of Canada has a lot going for it, too. “If Canada were the 51st state, they would be on the American medals podium nightly,” Egan writes. “Their murder rate is just a third that of the United States. They have universal health care, and while the system prompts much grumbling, it works for most people — without the death panel quality of America’s heartless private insurers.” So cheer up, Canadians: life is good, with or without the Olympics.

The Opinionator (New York Times)

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