Well, the Jays have cleaned house, and the new man in charge is the old man in change. I will attempt to have more considered thoughts sometime soon. But for now, all I can say is that I hope this means the retro Jays uniforms are coming back on a permanent basis. Here’s a fitting ode to the powder blues, MLB’s forgotten colour.

UPDATE: Okay I just couldn’t wait to get this off my chest. I like nostalgia as much as the next guy, but doesn’t it bother anyone that Cito Gaston could never get another major league managing job after the Jays fired him in ’97?

Can anyone name another World Series winning manager who never got a second shot in the big leagues after he was fired?

Does anyone remember the many raps on Gaston, even during the hey day? The fact that he was questionable at best in managing a pitching staff?

Look at the roster of the 92 and 93 Jays. I daresay just about anybody could’ve managed those teams to championships. They were loaded with veteran talent, and incredibly deep pitching staffs. Cito’s a nice guy, but I will be shocked if this is the answer to the Jays problems.