Col. Williams on a hunger strike

Following suicide attempt, alleged murderer has stopped eating

Col. Russell Williams, the former air base commander at Trenton, Ont. and an alleged multiple murderer, is on a hunger strike just days after trying to kill himself. Russell attempted suicide early Saturday morning by forcing a cardboard toilet-tissue tube down his throat, the Canadian Press reports, and was rescued by staff at the Quinte Detention Centre, the provincial facility where he’s being held. After being assessed by a psychiatrist, who concluded he wasn’t suicidal in the classic sense but simply wanted to die, Williams was put on 24-hour suicide watch, restrictions that were eased on Tuesday. He stopped eating Tuesday, although he’s made no demands related to the hunger strike. Williams’ next court appearance, by video link, is due April 29. Williams is permitted to wear clothing in the daytime, but at night, he’s forced to wear an armless, smock-like anti-suicide gown.

CBC News

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