Colonel Williams will reportedly plead guilty

Disgraced former base commander ends his hunger strike, is said to have reached a plea deal

Following the addition of 82 burglary-related charges against Colonel Russell Williams in a Belleville, Ontatrio courtroom today comes news from an anonymous source the accused murderer is planning to sign a deal with prosecutors and plead guilty to all of the accusations levied against him. Williams has been held in a detention centre in Napanee since his arrest for the sexual assault of two women and the deaths of Jessica Lloyd and Marie-France Comeau in February. Following the end of the hunger strike he started after an unsuccessful suicide attempt, sources close to Williams say he now wants to finish the case quickly because the evidence against him is overwhelming, and he wants to minimize the stress on his wife and avoid massive legal bills. The case has been remanded to June 24, but Williams can waive his right to a preliminary hearing and go straight to trial or enter a guilty plea at any time. If convicted he would face the automatic penalty for multiple first degree murders of life imprisonment with no chance of parole for at least 25 years.

The Globe and Mail

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