Comments are changing at Maclean’s

We’re encouraging readers to engage with our stories on the platforms where they’re already most active. Or better yet, send us a letter.

Maclean’s has for many years provided readers the ability to comment beneath virtually every story that goes online. We’ve watched thousands of comments of every imaginable tone and tenor stitch themselves into back-and-forth conversations between excited readers.

In rethinking how we foster debate and engage with readers, however, we are moving this conversation over to our social platforms. Starting today, comments on stories at have been closed.

This decision comes at a time of unprecedented opportunity for our readers to engage and share their thoughts on our journalism, on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and any number of other flashpoints for online debate. It’s already the case that the vast majority of comments we receive now come via those platforms. Other media organizations have seen the shift, too, as outlets as varied as NPR, CNN, the Toronto Star and most recently the Atlantic have all closed their comment sections.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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