Conservatives cut funding to women's groups -

Conservatives cut funding to women’s groups

At least 12 organizations will no longer receive money from Ottawa


At least 12 women’s groups have seen their federal funding dry up over the past two weeks according to an investigation by Le Devoir. Aside from their focus on women’s issues, the only thing that links all 12 is their unanimous opposition to Ottawa’s reluctance to fund abortions abroad, prompting some to suggest the cuts are politically motivated. “When 12 groups are denied over two weeks, it’s impossible not to think that it’s intentional, that there’s a pattern, that this is an attack against women’s groups and activist groups,” says Kim Bulger, the executive director of Match International, one of the groups that has seen its funding cut. A spokesman for Rona Ambrose, the minister responsible for the status of women, defended the cuts by saying funding for women’s programs is at “its highest levels ever.”

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