Conservatives maintain lead in poll

Liberals are down one point with 28 per cent

The Conservative party is enjoying the support of 35 per cent of Canadians, a number unchanged since March, according to a new Angus Reid poll. This is despite the resignation of Helena Guergis and the ruling on Afghan detainees by Speaker of the House Peter Milliken. However, even though the Tories are still the most popular party on the prairies and are seeing significant gains in BC, the Liberals have pulled ahead in Ontario, with 37 per cent of voters supporting them to the Conservative’s 34 per cent. Overall the Liberals are down 1 point to 28 per cent, the NDP is also minus 1 at 19 and the Bloc has gained two points, coming in at 11 per cent. The Green party is holding steady with the support of seven per cent of Canadians.

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