Controversial proposal exposes internal rift in CPC

Harper’s close circle supporting Tory leadership selection changes

Those most closely aligned with Prime Minister Stephen Harper are throwing their weight behind the controversial initiative to change the Conservative Party’s leadership selection process. According to The Hill Times, key MPs and Senators like Don Plett, John Baird and Jason Kenney will support a motion at the party’s ongoing convention that would create a one-member-one-vote method of choosing a leader. Currently, under the rules agreed upon when the Progressive Conservative Party and the Canadian Alliance combined their efforts in 2003, each riding association is given equal weight when it comes to voting for a new leader. Those opposing the initiative include former Progressive Conservative leader and current defence minister Peter MacKay. Under the current system, ridings with lower membership have the same influence as larger associations. The Hill Times reports that an internal rift is emerging around the issue, with those representing ridings in Western Canada and Ontario supporting the proposed change, and those from the Atlantic region opposing it.

The Hill Times

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