Copenhageners get ready to charge up

Renault teams up with Better Place to market the first mass-produced electric cars in Denmark and Israel

By 2011, California based transport-company Better Place and its partner, French automaker Renault, will market 160,000 electric cars per year in Denmark and Israel. Renault is developing three models of cars—a sedan, a
small city car and a van—with an expected price tag of 200,000 kroner ($42,000). Much like signing up for a cell phone contract, electric car drivers will need to sign up for a monthly subscription with Better Place to get access to the batteries. Drivers will be able to recharge the batteries at home, change batteries at a swap station or top up their batteries at charge spots installed in parking lots and on the streets. The city of Copenhagen is looking to install between 50 and 60 charge spots by December, the time of the United Nations’ climate change summit. Better Place has apparently also been in contact with a number of other European countries about expanding the scheme.

The Guardian