Crash course in team building

An airline rents out a flight simulator to help companies encourage their workers to pull together

You may despise the thought of helping your co-workers, but you can have a chance to turn that around, thanks to British Airways. The airline is renting out time on its cabin flight-simulators to companies wishing to build team spirit. Kitted out to look just like the interior of a Boeing 737, the motion-drive simulators vibrate, yaw and even nose dive in response to a program that simulates a crash. More than 350 bookings have been made by groups such as oil companies, bankers (who should be old hands at crashing by now) and British civil servants. Employees get to experience a steep dive, wear oxygen masks, crawl on the floor through simulated smoke and even plunge off emergency slides. Dashing for the office doughnut supply just won’t have the same thrill after this.

The London Times