Crash landing on the moon

NASA slam will reveal possible new source of water

Friday morning at 7:33 a.m ET, NASA crashed a rocket into the moon—on purpose. The crash was meant to expose any water that might be hidden beneath the moon’s crater-marked surface. Footage from the blasts was supposed to be picked up by NASA cameras and broadcast live to the agency’s website. In the end, the cameras failed to record those images, but scientists say the core mission went off as planned. Still, it might be a few weeks before results of the test are made public. “I’m not going to say anything about water or no water,” Anthony Colaprete of the LCROSS science team said, adding “we have the data we need to address the questions we set out to address.” NASA says that a significant amount of water on the moon would be a major benefit for future manned lunar missions since such a discovery might allow for the establishment of a permanent moon base.

CBC News

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