CSIS director under fire

Will Richard Fadden survive as spy-chief after unleashing political furor?

Canada’s spy chief Richard Fadden has come under fire for saying that a number of Canadian politicians are under the influence of foreign states. B.C Premier Gordon Campbell called the charges by Fadden
“unprecedented and completely unprofessional.” He added: “To cast a shadow of doubt across municipal politicians or provincial cabinet ministers without so much as a shred of substantial evidence I have seen, or anyone else has seen, is simply not acceptable in Canada.” The Ontario and Saskatchewan Premiers, and several Western Canadian mayors, uttered similar criticisms. A spokesman for the Prime Minister said no one has requested any resignation. But while this ire has left his critics wondering whether Fadden will survive as head of the CSIS, some insiders argue Fadden simply expressed what has worried CSIS for years. “I was surprised to hear his comments—not what he said, but that he said it,” said Robert Simmonds, past RCMP commissioner.

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