Da Vinci Code redux

Roman Catholics may be urged to boycott Angels and Demons

Roman Catholics may be urged to boycott Angels and Demons, the film based on Dan Brown’s prequel to his megaselling The Da Vinci Code. The Vatican is known to be as unhappy with the novel as it was with its better known sequel, and barred director Ron Howard from filming Angels and Demons within its precincts or in any Roman church, but what has raised expectations of a full boycott when the movie is released May 15 is that the leader of the 2006 campaign against The Da Vinci Code film, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, was then Archbishop of Genoa but is now the Vatican’s secretary of state and Pope Benedict’s right-hand man. Bertone called The Da Vinci Code, “a potpourri of lies, a phantasmagorical cocktail of inventions.” Other prelates, however, worry that a high-profile campaign will boomerang and actually increase ticket sales.

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