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Dangerous liaisons

A Manitoba nursing student opens up about her relationship with a violent psychiatric patient


A 33-year-old nursing student agreed to be interviewed about her sexual relationship with a highly dangerous patient in a Selkirk, Man., psychiatric facility, declaring that she still believes Joey Wiebe, 26, loves her—even after he was discovered last month to be hiding a knife, drugs, booze and money in the ceiling tiles of his room. Officials believe Weibe, who was found not criminally responsible in 2001 for the murder of his stepmother, whose throat was cut, was planning an escape. “He really listened to me, and you don’t meet a person that often that you can really talk to,” said the nurse, who spoke on condition her name not be used. “This was just a combination of having this emptiness and having someone who filled it.” The cost of filling up that emptiness: her marriage and career, admits the student nurse.

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