David Frost hits the 'net—and misses

Is there a form of sociopathy that renders a man oblivious to popular loathing? Why else would David Frost set himself up online as a hockey expert?

Frost, as you’re probably aware, is the former junior coach who emerged from his sexual exploitation trial last week with an acquittal. The evidence offered at the proceeding may not have resulted in a conviction. But it certainly suggested Frost is the last person you’d want in charge of your kid in some small town hundreds of kilometres from home. Playing for the Quinte Hawks in the late 1990s, according to undisputed testimony, meant being part of a teenage sex-fest and risking an occasional blow to the head by the bench boss. He is not, to put it mildly, Hockey Canada-approved.

As for www.hockeygodonline, it’s pretty much useless, as it replicates in lousier form what’s available from about a gazillion other fansites. However, it does provide a semi-literate glimpse into the man’s soul. Not only is he in denial about being a hockey outcast; he actually thinks the world waits breathlessly for his pronouncements on the latest events in the game (“hockey’s most knowledgeable source,” the site says). I can’t imagine, for example, that Jarome Iginla and Ken Holland will be thrilled to learn they are listed among “Frosty’s Favorites.” Yet Frosty bequeaths these honours like Colin Powell endorsing Obama (for some choice perspective on this, check out Rosie D. in today’s Toronto Star).

The site also indicates that Frost has made amends with Mike Danton (né Jefferson), the player who tried to have him killed a few years back. He promises that Mike will be filing bon mots on the game in a section known as “Danton’s Den.” It’ll be interesting to see what the former St. Louis Blue can glean about hockey from the cell block television. 

Save for a few swipes at select sportswriters, Frost promises not to rattle on about his recent legal difficulties, which is too bad. That’s about the only reason I can think of to go to the site.

And one more thing: don’t expect the same dreck that Frosty’s enemies in the media pump out. “We do not have the restrictions that a news paper [sic] has and will bring you the straight goods on all topics from a Hockey perspective,” the man advises us.

Apparently, the aforementioned restrictions include basic rules of spelling, punctuation and grammar—along with progressive ideas about hockey propagated by “tree-huggers” (??).

Is it me, or does Don Cherry suddenly seem rational?

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