Delay umbilical cord clamping -

Delay umbilical cord clamping

It could be the ‘original first stem cell transplant’


Scientists are urging doctors to take delay clamping the umbilical cord, instead of the usual time of 30 seconds to one minute after birth. Delaying the clamp allows for more umbilical cord blood to transfer from the mother to the infant. “Several clinical studies have shown that delaying clamping the umbilical cord not only allows more blood to be transferred but helps prevent anemia as well,” says Dr. Paul Sanberg, author of the study. “Cord blood also contains many valuable stem cells, making this transfer of stem cells a process that might be considered ‘the original stem cell transplant’.” While there is still no consensus within the medical community on cord clamping and proper cord blood collection, Dr. Stephen Klasko, dean of the USF College of Medicine says, “The most important thing is to avoid losing valuable stems cells during and just after delivery.”

Science Daily

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