Despite it all, most Greeks want to keep euro as currency -

Despite it all, most Greeks want to keep euro as currency


Greeks will head to the polls in a snap election this Sunday amidst the hardest economic crisis in a generation.

Voters are bitter and frustrated, having been subjected to continental humiliation in the form of severe cuts and austerity measures. But over 75 per cent of Greeks remain supportive of keeping the euro as their currency, The Guardian reports.

Evangelos Venizelos, former Greek finance minister and current leader of the socialist Pasok party, spoke to the British newspaper about the possibility that Greece would have to abandon the euro.

From the interview:

“The Greek people will have to give a clear answer as to whether it wants [to follow] a pro-European course, which is safe and responsible, or something else.”


“There are certain misconceptions that worry me: for instance, the misconception that whatever happens we are not going to leave the euro.”


“Europe and the eurozone have no reason, rationally, to push Greece out of the euro. But this is a system in which many parties, many countries, many governments, many electorates participate and we could have events which, rationally, are not controllable.”


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