Did a former PMO insider try to dupe Sun Media?

Pierre Karl Péladeau seems to think so

A photo of soldiers in Kuwait, with one of the men falsely identified as Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, was passed to Sun Media as a part of a false “scoop,” according to Sun Media president and chief executive Pierre Karl Péladeau. Mr. Péladeau said the photo was part of a package handed to Sun Media executive Kory Teneycke by Patrick Muttart, the former deputy chief of staff in the Prime Minister’s Office. In an article published in the Sun papers, Péladeau writes: “[Muttart] claimed to be in possession of a report prepared by a ‘U.S. source’ outlining the activities and whereabouts of Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff in the weeks and months leading to the American invasion of Iraq in 2003.” The allegation was that Mr. Ignatieff played a larger role in the planning for the Iraq war than he has previous admitted. “This is about politics as war by other means,” Péladeau adds, “and a lie that might have claimed our company as a casualty.”

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