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Dikes burst as rain ahead of tropical storm Leslie


TRURO, N.S. – Sheets of heavy rain have swamped two Nova Scotia rivers, leading to flooding and evacuations in Colchester County.

Water levels began rising early today in the North and Salmon rivers near Truro, which remains under a rainfall warning as tropical storm Leslie churns toward Atlantic Canada.

Bob Taylor, mayor of the Municipality of the County of Colchester, says dikes in both rivers gave way, flooding some roads in and out of Truro and the village of Bible Hill.

Taylor says some people have been asked to voluntarily leave their homes, but only a few have chosen to do so.

He says a high school near Salmon River was evacuated before lunchtime as a precaution.

The Canadian Hurricane Centre says up to 100 millimetres of rain is expected over eastern mainland Nova Scotia by Tuesday.

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