Document on drug arrest of Ford friend to be scrutinized for mentions of mayor

TORONTO – A police document in the case of a friend of Toronto’s mayor will be closely scrutinized for any references to Rob Ford after it’s publicly released this morning.

An Ontario Superior Court judge has ordered the document relating to the drug arrest of Alexander Lisi partially unsealed.

The decision follows an application by media lawyers who argued the nearly 500-page document contains information that is in the public interest.

The document details evidence police have collected in order to get a search warrant.

Lisi — who Ford has described as a friend and a “good guy” — was arrested earlier this month and charged with four drug offences, including trafficking marijuana.

Ford refused to comment on the release of the document Thursday morning, shouting at reporters gathered outside his house to “get off” his property.

The Toronto Star reported earlier this year that Lisi was looking for an alleged video that appears to show Ford using crack cocaine, the existence of which Ford has denied.

The portions of the document that will remain under sealing order, at least until lawyers make further arguments next month, refer to innocent third parties not related to the essential narrative of the Lisi investigation. The Crown says those sections should not be made public.

But the media lawyers argue there should not be a distinction between what is essential and what isn’t, since it is all read by the judge in determining whether to issue a search warrant.

Court heard there are about 70 people named in the information expected to be made public, including one person who is named in both the “essential” and “non-essential” information.

Ford would not comment on the impending release of information when asked by reporters at city hall Wednesday.

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